Staff of Craig A. Sherman, a professional law corporation, comment on brown act suit at Tuesday during public non-agenda comment

San Diego, CA (September 16, 2014) – Staff for the office of Craig A. Sherman attempted to make public non-agenda comment during the San Diego City Council meeting Monday, September 15, 2014. The meeting came to a standoff as Council President Todd Gloria seemed inclined to let Sherman’s staff make public comment, but other council members including Sherri Lightner and David Alvarez questioned whether the council would violate notice requirements in doing so. City Attorney Jan Goldsmith made a special appearance and offered legal cover to allow the staff member’s comment and suggested that the policy of restricting public non-agenda comments to Tuesday meetings was on shaky legal ground.

The City Council ultimately declined to allow Sherman’s staff to comment that day, but the CLGA was back the following day to make public comment during the regularly scheduled Tuesday commenting period. The CLGA requested that the City Council “immediately adopt a permanent policy of noticing and providing a public non-agenda comment period for Monday City Council meetings.” It is not known at this time when the City might take action.

CLGA is a recently formed non-profit organization supporting and promoting public involvement in local, regional, and state concerns by advocating good and legally proper governance, including preventing and rectifying abuses and wrongdoing involving land use, planning, environmental review, finances, the use of public lands, and protecting citizens’ rights and implementation of laws regarding community planning, open meetings, and public records. The entity will accomplish its mission and goals by providing education, networking, outreach, and enforcement. The CLGA is the brainchild of land use and public interest attorney Craig Sherman who, at the request of former and prospective clients over the years, has formed an entity to provide individuals and groups better public access to address and enforce citizens’ rights and interests in state, regional and municipal affairs.

CLGA can be reached through its attorney Craig A. Sherman at 619-702-7892.